Is hair loss a consequence of anemia?

Sometimes. Hair loss can be a consequence of anemia, but most times it is not the most significant contributing factor. If you have anemia, please remember that anemia itself can occur for many reasons so please be sure to have a doctor find the cause of your anemia. In terms of hair loss, I find that most of my patients with anemia have another problem contributing to their loss of hair.
It can be. Hair loss is more common on persons with anemia. Also, on many people most of the hairs grow back after the anemia is corrected.

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Can anemia cause hair-loss?

Not necessarily. Anemia does not but the same cause which caused you to have anemia can make your hair thinner also! What is the cause of your Anemia? In case you know?

Are anemia and hair loss related?

May be. Hair loss can happen with many nutritional deficinecies. So anemia can be one of the factor for hair loss.
Yes. In many cases they may be end signs of an underlying process such as malabsorption or malnutrition. Severe anemia is commonly associated with hairl loss.

Help plz! Can having anemia cause some hair loss?

YES. Low Iron. Anemia is a frequent cause of hair loss. In some it is Telogen effluvium which may actually help in having regrowth of hair.

What kind of hair loss does anemia (whether copper or iron) bring about? Is it all over, change in texture?

Generally all over. Hair loss due to iron deficiency anemia will be all over the scalp, not in patches. It's important to make that distinction since there are multiple other causes for hair loss. Ask your doctor to order a ferritin level. Don't be confused by the results. The normal range can be misleading. Shoot for a ferritin level of at least 50 ng/ml. It may take 3 months for levels to be replenished.

AfterTherapy for anemia Ferrous S 3xa day 1mth as CBC Iron was only in range. Stopped iron CBC now inrange mouth ulcers hair loss swollen gland in neck

Need to examine. Your iron treatment and mouth ulcers + glands in the neck are probably not related. Your symptoms warrant an in-person evaluation with additional history, physical examination and may be some tests. It would be prudent to consult a doctor. Wish you good health!

Is hair loss caused by anemia or thyroid reversible? I am suffering from heavy bleeding for almost 20 years now and see visible hair loss.

Usually yes. Usually it is reversible but you have to correct the underlying cause such as replacing iron adequately and supplement thyroid hormone. Good luck.
Hair Loss. Hair loss caused by thyroid disease and or anemia causes a telogen effluvium which is reversible if the anemia and thyroid disease is controlled.

What's causing my hair loss? Heavy menses due to Large Fibroids, wearing a wig, Anemia due to Fibroids. Thyroids are very normal, had that checked.

Hair loss in women. Well you've already had the thyroid checked. Being anemic can cause all kinds of problems. Alopecia areata is a immune disorder where your own immune system attacks your hair cells. Infections can also cause loss as well as lupus. If you have itching as well you may have something else going on in your body. As an example, gallstones, which can cause itching and hence hair loss.

Red blood cells count RBC 5.5. but I have symptoms like anemia. Hair loss, fatigue, shortness of b, when take iron supp gets better. Should stop tak?

Need examination. All the symptoms you mention can also refer to a person suffering from an anxiety disorder and they too would have an RBC of 5.5. Thyroid disease can give the same symptoms with an RBC of 5.5. You need to be examined and appropriate tests must be performed before deciding whether iron is an appropriate intervention. Write more details if you wish to: www. Healthtap. Com/drsaghafi.

Thinning hair last several years all around, no bald spots plus no arm or leg hair. Hair loss does not run on either side. Anemia or mineral def?

No. What kind of anemia? There are hundreds. Why low iron? Low iron is usually due to blood loss. Are you still having menstrual periods? Menopause is a very common cause of thinning hair. See a dermatologist if it is important to you.
Possibilities.... Some common reasons for thinning hair in your age group include thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism, as well as post menopausal. See your family doctor for evaluation. Blood tests can be done to assess your thyroid gland.