What hematocrit value is required to donate blood? What can I do about my low hematocrit value?

Hematocrit low? Organizations like the red cross, world health org., american medical asso., set standards concerning hematocrit requirement to give blood. A low hematocrit can have many causes. One of the commonest is iron deficiency anemia due to nutritional deficiencies and blood loss (menstruation). Increasing oral iron and decreasing blood loss usually raises the hematocrit. Treat all causes of anemia.
Usually at least 40. The value depends on whether the donor is a male or female. Women usually have a slightly lower hematocrit. If your hematocrit is low, then you need to be tested to see why. You could have iron deficiency, deficiency of certain vitamins, or other issues that is keeping it low. A blood test can tell what you need to take to fix it.