What is the best way to end enuresis?

Bedwetting alarm. Proven in numerous respected studies. However, need to be used correctly. 1) child must agree to use of alarm, 2) pep talk, like a sport's coach at bed-time about alarm & parents need to wake child to switch off alarm, if child fails to wake, and take child to bathroom, 3) avoid any blame, 4) give alarm at least 6 weeks of use every night before giving up, 5) continue using 4-6 weeks after success.
Enuresis. With help of your family physician, explore the cause & treat that, such as urinary tract infection, diabetes, or structural abnormalities in urinary tract. Treatment options can include bladder training, moisture alarm, & medications such as ddavp, (desmopressin) & ofcourse, correcting any abnormalities.
Alarm and behavior. Behavioral treatment using a bell and pad alarm is very effective. Here is an article from a former associate and pediatric psychologist now practicing in the columbia s.C. Area: http://cpancf.Com/articles_files/goodnightbedwetting.Asp.