What is the best method to relieve spasticity caused by cerebral palsy?

Individualized plan. There is no one answer to this question. There are many good treatments for spasticity, but which one is best for any patient depends on that individual patients needs and how their spasticity affects them. The best plan is to meet with someone who specializes in spasticity treatment (physiatry or neurology) and discuss your specific concerns.
Depends. Spaasticity is good and bad depending upon its functional effects. You only treat when it is hindering function....One can treat with oral agents like Baclofen if tolerated. Next step would be if generalized spasticity is to be treated then Baclofen pump; if focal spasticity to be treated then Botox or phenol injections.

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Could long term pediatric and adolescent use of Valium (spastic cerebral palsy) cause transient tachycardia as an adult?

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