What is the best hair replacement for balding women?

Follicular Unit HT. If your hair loss is localized to the top, crown and front of the head, you might be a good candidate for follicular unit hair transplantation. This will result in more density of hair in a natural fashion. Minoxidil topical will help stop hair loss and helps provide some hair growth, although limited.

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What is the best way to manage going bald? Accept it or spend a lot of money on hair replacement?

Depends. This is a personal question that only the individual can answer. Some people embrace their baldness. For others it is a devastating loss that greatly impacts their self esteem. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in hair transplant. She/he could discuss the options with you and help you determine the best course of treatment for you.
It't up to you. This is like all the other cosmetic issues. You only start thinking about doing a surgical procedure when you are not able to accept it anymore.
Personal choice. This is a very important question which only you can answer. There are medical and surgical treatments for hair loss which are safe and effective.
Depends. The decision to pursue hair replacement surgery is intensely personal and hinges on the value one places on the importance of hair and appearance.

I'm over 70, and I'm seriously considering a hair transplant to cover my bald spot, but am I too old? Does age play a part in whether a hair transplant is successful? Is there a certain age group that make the best candidates or does it work well at any a

I. I agree, as long as you have an otherwise healthy scalp with good circulation and no growths or significant sun damage that would make the grafts not "take". It is also important to have a good consultation to determine your options, to discuss your goals, and pricing.
Age. Age is generally not a limiting factor in the success of a hair transplant. If you have healthy hair on the sides and/or back of your scalp, you're a good candidate for a hair transplant. I hope things go well!
Hair Transplant. Hair transplantation is safe and effective at any age as long as the donor site (back of the head) has a good quality hair.

At what age does hair loss completely stop? I'm 26 I would like to get a hair transplant, but don't want to get hair transplant if balding continues

Hair Transplant. Hair loss can go on for a while but the worst of it is often over by mid to late 20's. A transplant is often ok after 21 but at almost any age you may need a touch up depending on how you progress.
Hair loss time limit. Hair loss may not have a specific limit. Genetics. Hair loss can be related to a number of factors. So what can be done. First plan hair transplant with creation of your forehead hair line for the 50 year old age group. If you have a hair line place for a 30 year old, as you age and continue to lose hair density, the hair line will look odd. Look at internal society surgical hair restoration.
It depends. Everyone is different. We can guess your time and length of hairloss from your relatives from your mother's side. Most men taper off the hairloss in the 40s and 50s.

Can hair transplant surgery restore a full head of hair to someone who is completely bald, ?

No. There need to be healthy hair grafts (usually at the back of the head) to transplant. A completely bald person has no such source.

I'm over 70, and I'm seriously considering a hair transplant to cover my bald spot, but am I too old?

Yes, risk too high. Sometimes it is our privilege to simply gently speak the obvious words. At age 70, it is probably time to accept the time to begin aging gracefully - particularly with respect to avoiding invasive medical procedures targeting on overcoming a sign of age that simply appears natural. So, yes, the risk (though not extremely high) associated with a hair transplant is probably higher than appropriate.
No. If you are in good health, hair transplantation may be indicated. This is a relatively simple procedure done with local anesthesia with very few risks or complications.

Is too much sex cause hair loss I'm almost bald and just 24 years old. What can I do? Is Hair Transplant recommended for me? Please help me : (

NO. No amount of sex causes hair loss. Not all, but most baldness is genetic. Many men today look very attractive with a shaved head.

I'm 17 and realy want to get a hair transplant to restore hairline and thickencrown. Mydad and uncle are bald but have hair on the sides (donor sites)?

You want that? At or shortly after age 17, ALL normally-masculinized men lose the hair on their temples. This is supposed to happen. Your likelihood of progressing to male pattern baldness is genetic but not predictable from your family; it correlates pretty well with how much chest hair you're naturally blessed with. Managing it can wait. Get super-fit and it won't matter where you have / don't have hair.