How much iron do I need every day?

It depends. This question is very complex and depends on a lot of factors. If you are healthy and not anemic, and eat a well balanced diet, you will likely get the iron you need from your diet and not require any supplemental iron. For an excellent reference that breaks down iron requirements see the nih's web page on iron information and daily intake requirements at http://ods. Od.Nih. Gov/factsheets/iron/#h.

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How much iron do I need every day to be healthy?

18 mg (elemental) Women (non-pregnant) 19-50 need 18 mg of elemental iron. I make the distinction because sometimes iron is "packaged" as iron sulfate or feso4 and the mg are usually about 20x more for the equivalent dose or the usual of 320 mg of feso4. The best source for all your questions on this topic is: http://www. Womenshealth. Gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/anemia. Cfm#h.