What does a thyroid scan do?

Thyroid scan. It's a nuclear medicine scan use to evaluate how well your thyroid is working. The result will give information on the size, shape, location and the overall activity of the gland. It can also tell you if a thyroid nodule is functioning or non-functioning and help your doctor determine whether a nodule biopsy is needed. More info with the link below: http://www.Webmd.Com/a-to-z-guides/thyroid-scan.
Thyroid function. Thias scan measures the uptake and/or the distribution of either iodine (or a different tracer). It will tell if one has an overactive/under active thyriod as well as give information on whether a nodule is overactive or underactive.
ANATOMY & FUNCTION. A thyroid scan provides info on the anatomy and function of the gland - size, location, mass lesion (cold or hot nodule), and overall qualitative iodine uptake. The quantitative iodine uptake is done by a thyroid probe to differentiate hypothyroid from hyperthyroid gland. A cold nodule = decreased iodine uptake & is suspicious of cancer. Hot nodule = increased iodine uptake = benign adenoma.