What does a complete blood count pick up?

Many things. It can shows signs of infection from thwe white blood cell account. Anemia and posible causes by the hematocrit and hemoglobin. Abnormalities of the platelets also can be used to help diagnose problem. The CBC is a good starting point to start your diagnosis of problems.

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What does a complete blood count detect?

Wbcs, Rbcs, and plts. The complete blood count measures the number and types of white blood cells (these fight infection). Red blood cells, hemoglobin, and hematocrit measure the availability of the cells which carry oxygen. Platelets are also measured. These are the elements that are involved in blood clotting.

What all does a complete blood count test for?

CBC. A CBC checks your bloods cells gealth and amounts from white blood cells which are important for infections to red blood cells (make sure your not anemic) to your platelets which are important for clotting.

Does a complete blood count with diffrential test for the HIV virus?

No-CBC not the. Proper test for hiv. A complete blood cell count with or without a differential will not diagnose hiv.

What all can a complete blood count show?

Anemia, infection, The blood count is useful to test for anemia, infection, indications of vitamin deficiency (b-12 and folate) and inherited abnormal hemoglobin. It can sometimes give a clue to leukemias and lymphomas, allergies and a few other things.

What is a complete blood count used to diagnose?

Anemia, And clues to the cause (mcv low, iron deficinency: MCHC high, b-12 deficiency), high or low white counts (leukemia and infection, high or low platelet count. It points to things being perfectly ok, or helps point a direction when someting is wrong.

What can you determine from a complete blood count?

Blood count. Complete blood count is a very powerful information on many counts. It tells if you have anemia-if so what kind. For example iron deficiency or folate/b12 deficiency. It tells if you have infection then the white cell count goes up. It informs us of platelet deficiency or excess (as seen in certain cancers)-both very dangerous. It also gives a clue to leukemia and some kinds of thallasemias.

What kind of test can give you a complete blood count?

Blood. A complete blood count is an analysis of blood components done following a blood draw. This is the name of the test.

How common is it for someone to need a complete blood count?

Very. We do cbcs routinely, looking for anemia, signs of infection, drug side effects, clues about blood cancers, bruising issues and it helps also to find closet alcohol drinkers who deny it!