What causes a painful muscle spasm in the calf muscle?

A charlie horse..... Large muscles use a lot of energy to do work, and this is supplied by blood. If the supply is not adequate their can be painful spasm; and if metabolites from heavy activity are not removed there can be spasm. Other causes can be a trapped nerve root irritating the muscle. Some people have greater likelihood of spasm due to underlying genetic causes.

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Calf muscle spasm. What causes this and how can I stretch it out when it happens.

Multiple factors: low potassium, low calcium, muscle overuse, trauma, dehydration are common causes. Massage with Bio-Freeze and stretch by pulling toes toward your chest or stand and lift your up using foot and toes ( calf stretch), I suggest electrolyte rich drinks ( Powerade, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Pedialyte) and calcium tablets ( Caltrate) Read more...
Gastrocnemius spasm. Causes
- idiopathic
- exercise
- medication eg statins
- electrolyte disturbance
- pregnancy

To stretch your calf muscle stand with the front half of your feet on a step , with heels hanging off the edge . Slowly lower your heels lower than step , hold for few seconds and raise . Repeat a number of times . Read more...