Scrotal hematoma after vasectomy! What is that?

Rare. This is a rare complication <1%. Can be sudden and painful occuring in the first few days. You get +++swelling. Many urologists will suggest surgical drainage to speed up recovery, but waiting for your body to absorb the blood is an option too... Though you might get frustrated with this. Take it easy and use ice for the first few days after vasectomy to decrease the risk.
Blood. When the scrotum fills with blood...Scrotal hematoma.

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I have a scrotal hematoma after vasectomy what's the best treatment doesn't hurt just uncomfortable was done on the 14 when can I take anti inflammato?

Here are some... The most reasonable course of care at this time after vasectomy is leaving it alone as long as getting better in pain and hardness week by week. Meanwhile applying scrotal support in standing and elevating scrotum in lying position so to ease discomfort and enhance subsiding swelling. More? Ask your doctor timely.

Scrotal hematoma? S/P vasectomy 11th day. How large is to large and when should I be worried. Right now it's about the size of a pecan there is no pa

Keep it up. Best thing to do is to ask the doctor who did the Procedure. In the meantime, put a towel across your thighs so your scrotum is elevated. That will make the swelling go away faster.
Do nothing... At this stage of postoperative resolution, 11 days after vasectomy, time and patience are the surest and most logical way of care; in other words, no care is the best care as long as getting better and becoming smaller slowly but surely day by day, week by week, or month by month. Occasionally, a residual node may persist forever. So, leave it alone. More? Ask the surgeon.

I had a vasectomy last Thursday and have developed a scrotal hematoma. I have been experiencing upper abdominal pain and diarrhea. From procedure?

WHY? Why are you on the internet? You need to be at the clinic or at the Dr NOW. Have you called the Dr who did the procedure?