Will coronary cta with calcium score show possible cause of caroited artery bruit?

Coronary CTA. Coronary cta looks at the coronary arteries. A carotid artery cta would look at the carotid. The coronary study would not normally include the carotid arteries in its imaging.
Not likely. There are ultrasound tests to reveal carotid disease, or normalcy! some bruits come from aorta might relate to aortic calcium or plaque. But the cta for coronaries is for coronaries?Generally.

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Had a calcium score, coronary cta & stress test bc of caroited artery bruit & chest pains... All norm! Is it safe to say the bruit/pain is benign?

Yes. Sounds as though your carotid has no significant plaque or anatomic cause for your murmur. Therefore benign. Same for your chest pain if est normal. Read more...
Results... If cta, cardiac stress, and calcium score are negative, that is good news for the heart and coronary arteries. As far as the bruit..... Did you have a carotid doppler / ultrasound? Usually this will tell the percent blockage in the carotid which is likely causing the bruit. Read more...