Is there a medical condition where the large intestine is too long and twisty?

Colonic redundancy. Gastroenterologists do describe "colonic redundancy" &/or "tortuosity" as a colonic anatomic variant that makes performing colonoscopy technically more challenging. In such cases, there may be considerable looping & coiling by the colon, that may not translate into colon dysfunction. Such variation can be seen in chronic laxative users & when significant fibrosis/adhesions distort colon anatomy.
Volvulus. Volvulus is a twisting of the colon that leads to a large bowel obstruction. This is often due to an excessively mobile, tortuous colon, common in elderly patients with chronic constipation, hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, etc. The most common location is in the sigmoid colon followed by the cecum. Endoscopic decompression may sometimes prevent surgery provided that the intestine is viable.
Maybe. I am not familiar with your description, but hirshprungs disease causes a megacolon, that is too large, often causing constipation in children, requiring surgical resection.