Is testicular ultrasound a transrectal ultrasound!?

No. Testicular us looks for abnormalities of the testicle. Transrectal us is used to evaluate either the anal sphincter mechanism or stage rectal rumors.

Related Questions

I got a testicular ultrasound?

Ultrasound. Why was the test fine and what is your question about it? Test is usually done to check the status of the testicles and other scrotal contents.

What do you advise if I had a testicular ultrasound?

Here are some. .. Testicular ultrasound usually doesn't add much practical value for making an accurate Dx if not done timely; yet, most of such test is just done to serve political correctness and cover malpractice. The most important things in evaluating testicular are still a detailed history of its onset, degree, duration, fluctuation, interval, and progress over time + physicals + UA under professional alert..

How to not be embarassed during testicular ultrasound?

See below. You just need to understand that these types of ultrasounds are done on a daily basis. They are professionals who do these examinations and will not ridicule you or judge you in any way. Once you get in to the exam room, you should be able to calm down and any embarrassment should go away.

What is a testicular ultrasound and what is it used for?

Testicular. Ultrasound is a painless test that looks at the testes and surrounding structures in the scrotal sac. It is used to look for masses, blood flow, fluid, dilated vessels, and to evaluate the epididymis.

Testicular ultrasound results can tell you if you have even a small tumor?

Yes. Ultrasound is a very good way to look at the testicle, and would be able to see quite small changes.

I had a testicular ultrasound and they found a solid lesion. Should I be worried?

It may depend. On whether the lesion is within the testis or outside the testis in the scrotum. See a urologist.

What to do if I got a testicular ultrasound?

See your urologist. You should follow-up with your doctor who ordered the test to discus the results.