Is steroid abuse on the decrease these days?

No. It just went ore under ground since it is able to be ordered from other than us. This is 100 percent wrong.

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Are all of the negative affects from steroid abuse on a daily basis?

No. The blunting that happens to the adrenal glands go on for a period of time. This is something that should only be done under professional guidance for appropriated medical reasons. Read more...

Can I use aromasin (exemestane) to restore low testosterone and high estrogen? Male 30 years old with steroid abuse history.

No, don't! Aromasin (exemestane) blocks conversion of testosterone (T) to estrogen. With low T, there's nothing to convert. Your brain needs to increase FSH and LH to stimulate your testes to produce T. Your brain stops this when you abuse anabolics, and your testes shrink. Aromasin (exemestane) will delay recovery of FSH and LH levels. It can take months or years, but you can fully recover if you wait and stay lean. Read more...