Differences between fungal infection and genital herpes, and does they are similar?

2 different sources. Your history of jock itch indicates you've had fungal infections before in your groin area. Genital herpes is of viral origin, and is sexually transmitted. So, although they are similar, you could have both simultaneously. Best to have protected sex to protect yourself and your partner, and reduce spread, as both parties need to be treated.

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Herpes? 3 doct see it and told it was fungal infection, its itchy, dry, whites spots, red flat little spots, around genital, no painful, or blister?

Herpes. Herpetic infections are usually quite tender and painful and begin with blister-like lesions that break down and ulcerate. Sounds like your doctor is correct, but without seeing and examining you there is no way to be sure. Read more...