Is it possible for a male to have penile discharge and no sti?

Yes, prostate infect. An infected prostate is quite common cause for penile discharge. Some "lubrie most common std to do so. Cant also escapes when a male is aroued frequently. Low grade chlamydyial urethritis can cause this, and is th.

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What are some non std causes of penile discharge?

Nothing. Almost all penile discharge is due to an STD, usually gonorrhea, chlamydia, or nongonococcal urethritis. NGU is sometimes mistaken for a non-STD problem because no standard STD shows up on testing. But you only get it from sex. You and your sex partner (s) need treatment. Don't screw around with this; get care promptly.

Can you get penile discharge from any std?

No. Only those that produce infection in the urethra, predominantly gonorrhea, and non-gonococcal urethritis (several organisms) are likely to produce discharge from the penis. There are some cases recorded of symptomatic trichomoniasis in men, but this is rare.

Stringy penile discharge. Not a lot. Is that an std?

May well be. Get tested. See a doctor, and if this is an std get tested for all the others. When you have one, it is not unusual to have more than one.

Penile discharge, STD tests neg. What's the next step?

R/O prostatitis! Prostate infections can elicit a dischage. But remember, if a male is aroused frquently, a natural discharge can occur.

How often does penile discharge come out when you have an std?

Sometimes. Penile discharge is a symptom of some of the more common std's, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. However, some people can be infected with either of these germs and have no symptoms at all. But they could easily transmit the germ to someone else. Precautions should be taken regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms. Many std's, including hiv, hepatitis b and syphilis, don't cause discharge.

I'm having penile discharge I took an STD and a culture and sensitivity test both came out negative what's the next step?

Follow-up. This may be chlamydia or trichomonas or both; chlamydia heals slower on macrolide and trichomonas will require a different rx. I also hope that you are not eating any of those little hot peppers, they can give you a urethritis without any infection.

1 sex partner in over a year. 2 days ago, for 1 night and the following morning only I had penile discharge. STD? Why so random if so?

Possible STD. Please visit your primary care provider as soon as possible to discuss your situation and to have a full evaluation/testing and treatment. Without an examination/testing it is impossible to say exactly what is happening.

How often do one have penile discharge if its caused by some infection or std?

Anytime. You can have a STD with or without a discharge. Any discharge in any amount is abnormal and suggests an infectious process.

Is the quantity of the discharge caused by any std related Penile discharge and nocturnal emissions /wet dreams the same?

Probable STD. You can't tell the cause by quantity. Any abnormal urethral discharge (e.g., during the day), or discharge that stains underwear, is almost certainly due to STD, i.e. gonorrhea, chlamydia, or nongonococcal urethritis (NGU). If any doubt, see a doctor. Delayed treatment can be very dangerous. Better safe than sorry!