Can food allergies be life threatening?

Yes. Certain people can be exquisitely sensitive to a particular food. My late mother was anaphylactically sensitive to eggs, and on her first date with my father had to be taken to the hospital because she forgot to check for mayonnaise on her sandwich. Shellfish and peanuts can also be extreme.
Yes. Food allergy can absolutely be life threatening. The most common food allergens include peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, egg mild wheat and soy.
No. Unless you have a severe allergies from certain foods, then severe reeactions can be life threatening.

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How can food allergies be so life-threatening?

Severe allergy react. Food allergies can cause anaphylaxis which can kill. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can cause itchiness, hives, lip, tongue or throat swelling, trouble breathing, decreased blood pressure and death. Read more...
Swelling & shock. When foods combine with ige antibodies attached to mast cells those cells release histamine & other potent biochemicals causing blood vessels to leak plasma into surrounding tissues resulting in swelling (edema). If your eyelid swells its unsightly but no big deal. If your tongue or vocal cords swell you could die from suffocation. If enough plasma leaks out blood pressure falls leading to shock. Read more...