I cut my foot years ago now theres a hard lump, maybe calcium buildup, may not. After resting for a while it really really hurts just a walk.

Podiatry. I am sorry to report the answer to this situation will require an examination and not be found on the internet. The best place to start is with your preferred podiatrist.
See podiatrist. May be scar tissue or a granuloma , or something totally unrelated to the cut.
Possibly... Ossific calcification of soft tissue is a known potential event, but it's more likely scar tissue. See your podiatrist for a correct diagnosis. If it's scar tissue you could try topical verapamil compounded cream, or possibly a steroid injection.
Many possibilities. Some causes of painful “lumps” may include: bony overgrowths, soft tissue masses, ganglions, fibromas, and cysts. Have it evaluated by a professional to get the right diagnosis.