Related Questions

What older age groups are at risk of prescription drug abuse?

Drug abuse. All age groups are at risk. Older folks are less likely to misuse/abuse but they are not totally immune.

How serious is prescription drug abuse? And what do they define as abuse?

Abuse. Is misuse of medication, such as taking more than prescribed, or continued use when not in need.
Formal answer. Use = use abuse = use when you have on good authority not to use. (tobacco use is always abuse). Alcohol use in under 21 yo is always abuse. Illicit drug use is always abuse. Addiction = drug seeking, dose increasing, losing interest in healthy activities. Dependence = having physical symptoms of illness if drug is not used.

What are some adverse effects from prescription drug abuse?

Mortality. A recent cdc report shows prescription opiate abuse as the number one cause of death in us in adolescents and young adults. Other than death, dependency leads to drug seeking, theft, poor nutrition, sleep disruption, poor academics, loss of work, legal problems, dui, loss of family and friends. Couldn't find a worse thing to do.

Tomorrow I see a counselor about my prescription drug abuse and to be checked for add. What should I do to prepare?

Be yourself. & Be honest about your intention to get better and get healed. Help yourself in this healing process and be compliant with your treatment. Seek help from the almighty power above. May god bless you!
See below. Although this is a company sponsored site, it has great information: http://turntohelp. Com/.

How would educating people help stop prescription drug abuse?

It may or may not. Stop them but at least they are informed about the harm that can come to them from abusing prescription medications. It also allows for a dialogue to occur about the abuse.

What could cause prescription drug abuse?

See below. Prescription drugs have a street value. Thus they are stolen and sold. People take opioids for non medical reasons in order to get high and escape reality.

How does prescription drug abuse develop?

Abuse. By taking too many pain medications for a long period of time. Usually at the fault of the patient.
Abuse. Developing tolerance to the effects of the drug, plus fear of recurrence of symptoms if not using, basically physiological as well as psychological dependence.

What are the causes of prescription drug abuse?

Addiction. Most commonly abused are pain and anxiety medications which develop tolerance. With time more is needed to get same effect. Most common cause for abuse of anything is a desire and/or need to alter something about one's current reality or "get high" quicker onset of effects leads to increased abuse potential.