Hysterectomy side effects compared with uterine fibroid embolization?

Higher risk w surger. The risk of significant complications of any major abdominal surgery is generally considered to be between 5-10%. The risk of major complications of uae/ufe is below 3%. Embolization also has a faster recovery than surgery.
UFE safer. Ufe is safer (i.E significantly fewer complications) , less invasive, and shorter recovery than surgery. Ufe can be performed as an outpatient and allows women to keep their uterus which is important even in women not interested in child bearing. Hysterectomy increases a woman's risk for osteoporosis and cardiovascualr disease and can have a significant impact on her psychologically and sexually.
Depends. Many of the side effects of hysterectomy are related to the type of hysterectomy. An abdominal hyst will generally cause more pain, 2-3 day hospital stay and a 6-8 week recovery. A robotic hyst can often be done as a day surgery & return to work in 1-2 weeks. An embolization usually requires hosp for 1-2 days for pain management. Future pregnancy is not possible w/ hyst & not recommended w/ uae.