Hyphema cause blurred vision?

Absolutely. A hyphema is blood in the aqueous fluid in the front of the eye, and can range from minor to very severe. Any patient with a hyphema (little or big) should have follow up care by an eye doctor to ensure there aren't other issues (elevated eye pressure, damage to the drainage system of the eye, associated trauma to the retina, etc.).
Very likely. Hyphema is blood in the front chamber of the eye, behind the cornea and in front of the lens. It may be suspended in the aqueous fluid or settled to the bottom of the chamber. Often caused by injury, but also sometimes by disease, either the condition or the blood itself can interfere with light transmission into the eye. A hyphema is a medical emergency, requiring immediate care by an eyemd!

Related Questions

Hyphema in eye and blurred vision. What causes this?

Many possible causes. Hyphema is generally caused by trauma to the eye, that leads to bleeding from the iris or ciliary body. The blood remains in the front of the eye (anterior chamber) and can cause blurring or blockage of the vision depending on how dense it get. It can also be caused by a broken fragile vessel from an eye growth or tumor, or from new blood vessel growth in diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.
Media opacity. The blood interferes with your vision but many other structure can be affected. You need to see or ask an ophthalmologist who has examined you for the exact cause.

I had traumatic hyphema more than two weeks ago and I still have blurred vision. When will my vision normalize?

Depends. This depends on the level of blood and inflammation caused by the injury. You should be under the care of an eye doctor. This condition can lead to other problems if not properly managed.
Dont know sould be b. Concerned about other pathology.
Check with your eye. Doctor first and see if you are still on the dilating or red top drop. Sometimes this is continued even after the hyphema resolves. It will keep the vision blurry. Otherwise, you may still have inflammation in the eye. So, best to be followed closely for the hyphema.

How long does blurry vision from a hyphema last?

Variable time. The blood in the anterior part of the eye must absorb. Also there is often an inflammation called iritis that develops which must resolve as well as sometimes the pupil is dilated for awhile. Hyphemas need to be treated by a doctor.
Depends. Blurred vision will last until the hyphema is resolved but other ocular tissues can be damaged including the cornea and lens. Your ophthalmologist should be able to examine the cause and tell you further.