Can you kill herpes simplex virus by anti bacterial wipes or wet ones after an hour 2 after an encounter? I know lysol does

Don't count on it. Have you been exposed? Herpes 1 or 2? The only sure way to avoid herpes is to avoid contact. Possibly oral Acyclovir or valcyclovir will reduce infection rate significantly. Condoms help but are not completely protective. The traditional solution to this problem is to find the right partner and limit sex exclusively to this one person forever. Magic wipes are not the answer. Lysol will not help yo.
No. This is a myth. The only way to absolutely prevent infection is by abstaining from sexual contact. The next best way is to use latex condoms properly. Even if you wear the condoms properly there is a chance for transmission of the virus is the virus is on an area not covered by the condom.

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