What can cause chronic spiking hypertension that is not caused by issue with kidneys, hormones or heart? Had normal. Sono, echo, ekg, and bloodwork.

Hypertension. Keep getting the work up. Anxiety of course can cause this, or rarely a pheocromocytoma. Get your urine checked for metanephrines and catecholamines, as part of the continuing work up, best wishes.

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18 years old having pre hypertension normal renal Doppler no kidney disease possible causes? Normal heart echo

Wt/diet/predisposed. In adults, once the specter of kidney damage is removed we find most patients have a limited set of problems.Either they are carrying excessive weight, have a diet that aggravates the issue, or they are destined to have HBP based on unknown factors. (essential hypertension) Read more...