How the disease takayasu arteritis will be treated?

Corticosteroids. At present corticosteroids are the mainstay but other medications include cytotoxic drugs and those used for connective tissue diseases. The activity is assessed by lab and imaging. Your physician will assess your activity and help decide your best approach.

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How will the disease takayasu arteritis be treated and prevented?

Steroids, surgery. Treatment typically with immune suppressants like steroids. In resistant cases surgical bypass is offered. No known way to prevent it.

What is takayasu arteritis?

Vasculitis. Takayasu arteritis is a inflammatory condition of the large arterial vessels emerging from your heart (the aorta and branching vessels). It is unknown what the etiology is, although it is pretty clear the immune system drives this process (especially il-6). Main initial symptoms are vague (fatigue, low-grade fever) but as it progresses, the lightheadedness and a cold arm from reduced blood flow.

Takayasu arteritis--causes and cures?

Steroids or surgery. Prednisone/ steroids are the main way of treatment. Some patients will require open bypass surgery in case of steroid resistance. Causes are idiopathic or unknown. It is an autoimmune disease affecting the wall of large blood vessels causing narrowing by fibrosis.

Do you know about takayasu arteritis?

Yes. This a form of vasculitis generally sen in younger individuals in their 20s or 30 s with varied symptoms. It generally involves the largest blood vessels especially the aorta and can cause significant problems of lack of blood flow to brain and other major organs. Also notables are symptoms of fatigue and possible fever. Need immediate attention and treatment often with high dose steroid drugs or.

Does anybody treat takayasu arteritis?

Steroids or surgery. Prednisone/ steroids are the main way of treatment. Some patients will require open bypass surgery in case of steroid resistance.

Does anybody know about takayasu arteritis?

Form of vasculits. Takayasu arteritis is an autoimmune disease that "attacks" the larger arteries leading to inflammation and blockage of blood flow. It affects typically females age 20's-30's and has some ethnic distribution in people of middle eastern and Asian descent. Symptoms are varied but the blockage of blood flow leads to possible internal organ damage or limb injury.

If I get takayasu arteritis, what are the symptoms?

It depends. It depends on the vessels involved and the severity of the involvement. The most common symptoms are those that related to reduced blood flow to the brain or arms.

What is the definition or description of: takayasu arteritis?

Vasculitis. Ta is a type of inflammation of the arteries. It effects the largest blood vessels in the body such as the aorta and its immediate large branches. Ta tends to effect young women>men before age 50. Treatments include prednisone, methotrexate, and sometimes other drugs that suppress the immune system.
Inflamed arteries. Takayasu's is inflammation of the aorta and its large branches usually occurring in asian women under 40. Initially there are symptoms of weakness, fatigue, nausea, loss of weight and energy. Later complications occur from narrowing or blockage of the aorta and/or arteries to the brain, arms, and kidneys. Initial treatment is steroids. Surgery is avoided and only for severe complications.