How much cocaine would cause a perforated septum?

Unclear. I would be far more concerned about the risk of heart damage, brain damage and addiction that takes control of a persons life than I would a perforated septum.

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Can 'snorting' Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) cause a perforated septum?

Yes. Stimulants are vasoconstrictors (make blood vessels smaller). Chronic use of any stimulant that entails snorting can damage the small vessels of the nose and lead to damage of the septum.

Years of drug abuse have left me with a perforated septum. Now sober, I worry it could cause problems. Are there procedures to fix it, or is it okay?

Usually OK. Do not worry. We are happy of you getting off drugs. Stay that way. Any dr who doesn't welcome the new clean you-dump.
Options. There are solutions for perforated septum. You should seek a consultation with an ENT specialist.

In coke user is a perforated septum noticeable?

Not unless there is. A whistling noise when breathing. A nasal septa perforation is not visible externally. Only a medical provider or someone who is looking inside the nose would notice.

Is there a possibility that more than just a septoplasty will be done for a perforated septum?

Yes. Septal perforation repair often requires rearranging of the tissue in the region of the perforation. A simple septoplasty would not be enough to take care of a perforation and could make the hole bigger. You really need to talk to your surgeon to discuss the surgical plan and the chances of success. Good luck.
Yes. It is possible. You may require cartilage grafting or local tissue rearrangement as well.
Definitely. You will need local mucosal flaps, transfer of tissue from within the nose to close the hole. Sometimes tissue is harvested from the fascial covering of the muscle behind the ear (temporalis fascia) to cover the hole and then local tissues are used to create a sandwich of tissues to fix the problem. In rare cases, distant transfer of tissue or free flap repair can be done.
Perforated septum. The options for treating a perforated septum are wearing a septal button to block the hole or to undergo surgical repair. It involves more than a standard septoplasty. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,

Do lots of people get perforated septum, or is it unusual?

Cocaine. If you are referring to perforated nasal septum, Cocaine snorting is probably the commonest cause.
Perforated septum. A perforated septum can occur after nasal trauma, with drug use and after surgery. Basically there is a hole in the septum which divides the nose into two nostrils. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,

What will it be like before and after my septoplasty for a perforated septum? And will I have to be on oxygen after plus will I have to spend the nigh

Congested. Septal perforations sometimes require silastic splints for a week. This can be uncomfortable and block the nose. Be prepared for a good amount of bloody nasal drainage for a few days. You don't necessarily need oxygen, depends on your situation. Most people go home the same day unless there are specific circumstances that apply in your case.
Usually not bad. This recovery will depend on the type of surgery which can be from relatively simple to extensive. Your recoveryay depend on pre operative health and associated problems such as sleep apnea but will not typically oxygen nor will itrequire an overnight stay. However it really is best to ask your surgeon these questions.

What procedures are available for 'patching' a perforated septum (quite large) left from surgery for a deviated septum?

Local tissue grafts. Typically they take fascial tissue eithe from your thigh or from a cadaver; elevate the lining on both sides of your septum and down onto the floor of your nose. Then they put the fascial tissue over th hole on one side and tuck the edges under the elevated lining. They then slide the lining up from the floor of the nose and sew it in to place.
Not many. Very large septal perforations are often impossible to close surgically. You might be a candidate for a septal "button". This is a soft plastic implant that covers the perforation and is helpful for some people. It is important to keep your nose moist with saline spray and perhaps some ointment. Discuss this with your ENT surgeon.
Perforated septum. The options for treating a perforated septum are wearing a septal button to block the hole or to undergo surgical repair. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,

How common is a perforated septum after a septoplasty? Are there any people more likely to end up with a perforated septum? My doctor says I need a septoplasty, but I'm worried about ending up with a bigger problem..

A. A post-operative septal perforation is pretty unlikely. It is a little more common in revision septoplasty surgery and in extremely deviated septums. In the small number of situations in which it occurs it is usually asymptomatic, but there are ways of treating it if needed.
The. The generally reported risk of septal perforation following septoplasty is less than 5%. Most of these are recognized and repaired at the time of the surgery or are recognized later and often remain asymptomatic. I would imagine that patients who have thin attenuated mucosal tissues, underlying inflammatory or granulomatous diseases creating scarified tissue are at higher risk. Certainly the more common scenario is a severely deviated septum where there is little room around which to elevate the septal mucosal flaps. An experienced septoplasty surgeon should be able to handle this.
Perforations. Perforations of the septum during the septoplasty do happen, but as long as they are recognized and taken care of immediately, not future problem should occur. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www. Drgrossman. Com.
Septal perforation. Most patients who undergo septoplasty do not have perforations.