How many people see a periodontist for cleaning?

Lots. Adults with a healthy mouth to see dds for cleaning 2-4 times a year. That's millions-how many actually go? Who knows. Can a general dentist handle it? Certainly. Periodontists are gum specialists. Commonest cause of tooth loss is not bad teeth, but bad gums. They will decide on the appropriate frequency for cleanings, follow up, surgery (if needed).
This varies . Whether or not to have your general dentist treat and maintain your periodontal health depends upon three factors: 1-how severe the problem; 2-your general dentist's knowledge, skills and preferences and 3-whom you feel the most comfortable seeing. There is no right or wrong answer. Every situation is different. Some offices alternate maintenance visits.
Most. Most of our patients who have completed active treatment will be seen on the average every three months to maintain their periodontal health.