How can interstitial cystitis be managed? Can it be the cause for reoccurring pyelonephritis? Any drugs for interstitial cystitis that can help?

Elm iron. Ic is a chronic inflammation in the "wall" (interstitium) of the bladder resulting in pain, frequency and blood in the urine. Reportedly more common in women, it is probably well under diagnosed in men. Best managed with dietary/lifestyle (hydration), there is only 1 medication approved by the fda - elmiron, (pentosan) to "fill the cracks" in the bladder lining. Intravesical (in the bladder) txs available.

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I took macrobid 2x/5 days for a severe uti. I have Interstitial Cystitis & now have kidney pain. Would Clindamyacin help w/kidney infection?

Different Antibiotic. If you have kidney pain, you need to be re-evaluated for a kidney infection. Clindamycin is NOT going to help by itself and is NOT the standard of outpatient therapy for a possible kidney infection. You should have your urine rechecked and make sure that they do a urine culture in addition to the urinalysis. They can start you on Macrobid twice daily until the results are back. Read more...