I have swelling, burning and pain in the feets and hands, fatigue, bones, joints and muscle pain, hair loss, puffy and pale eyes, chestpain, breath shortness?

The only thing- The myriad of symptoms strongly suggests an autoimmune disease or inflammatory arthritis. See a rheumatologist or a good pcp to sort it out. Treatment recommendations need a diagnosis first! sorry, but i doubt if a better suggestion can be made. One other possibility is you have to things going on, if another, most likely hormonal, such as thyroid!
See doctor. For an evaluation to rule out an autoimmune disease, or other problem with all the varying symptoms as there may be more than 1 cause.
That combination. Of symptoms requires a more in depth evaluation and examination. No one on this site would venture a guess as there are multiple possible causes from infectious, to metabolic and autoimmune disorders. See your doctor very soon.
Get evaluated. Then see a doctor and have the issues evaluated. They is no way a doctor on the internet can give you any more specific advice.
Complicated. Your symptoms suggest a complicated issue. The number of causes are too numerous to list. I would worry about kidney failure or a collagen vascular disease (auto-immune disease). You need a comprehensive evaluation. I hope you will have access to it? My warmest regards and wishes to you for a satisfactory outcome.
See your doctor. You have too many symptoms. You need to see your physician for evaluation.