In the case of suspected sirs (systemic inflammation response syndrome) what should be done and how quickly? Is there a standard treatment?

Admission. People with sirs are acutely ill and need admission to a hospital. They need IV fluids and a work up for a source of infection.
Possible sepsis? Sirs is a precursor to sepsis if not treated promptly. Early recognition of symptoms with source control if suspect an infection. Lactic acid should be measured and followed. Iv fluid and antibiotics if indicated. Point is early treatment to decrease mortality. Early gold directed therapy for sepsis done within first 6 hours of identification of illness. Patients require higher level of monitoring.
Treat the cause. The most important thing is to identify and treat the underlying cause. This is usually infection, especially sepsis. There is no standard treatment because there are several possible causes. Antioxidants such as vitamin e may help but treating the cause is most important.