Wbc 4.24, RBC 3.77, hb 11.0, hct 32.5, MCV 90, MCH 29, mchc 32.5, RDW 14.4, PLT 255, mpv 10.6. Am I anemic? Other bloodwork normal except low alk phos

Very mild anemia. It will depend on the normal range of hb used at your laboratory where you have the test done. At my lab- the normal range used is between 12-15, so hb of 11 is only mildly anemic. It is nothing to worry much about however. In young woman like yourself- with your monthly period, you lose some iron in every cycle. This can cause mild anemia. Check your iron and take multi vitamin. D/w your md.
See below... Wbc normal. Rbc low (4.10-5.10 x10 to the12th/l). Hb low (12.3-15.3 g/dl). Hct low (36-46%). Mcv normal (80-96 fl/cell). Mch normal (27-33 pg/cell). Mchc probably normal (33-36 g/dl). Rdw normal (11.6-14.6%). Platelets normal. Mpv normal. Results suggest a mild degree of normocytic normochromic anemia (usually associated with chronic disease). Please consult your doc before any treatment.