If someone has pernicious anemia would they have a low red blood count?

Yes. Macrocytic anemia due to low levels of B12 . If treated with injections of B12 the red count can return to normal.
YES. That is what anemia is lowred cells. In this case due to low vit b12.
Anemia-yes. Anemia means that your hemoglobin or red blood count is lower than the normal range. Yes. One, however , can have vit B12 deficiency without having anemia yet- and only presented with macrocytosis- or elevation in red blood cell size.

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Can you have symtoms of pernicious anemia with a high bB12 blood count? I do not take supplements.

How high? Your blood B12 level is above 250 and your hemoglobin is above 12.0 gm, you need not worry about pernicious anemia. You may consult this site for info: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/003705.htm. Read more...

What should I eat for low red blood count anemia?

Diet is not key. Despite all the huckstering, food choices are important in only a few relatively uncommon illnesses. You've got rheumatoid arthritis and are being treated with a powerful medication. RA itself is prone to cause a moderate anemia that will be better if your illness improves but that you can't otherwise manage. If you're anemic from some other cause, it needs to be worked up. Best wishes. Read more...