How bad is pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) if temporary?

Pericardial effusion. Most effusions are temporarary and of no great concern as they occur in the setting of inflammation around the heart. Effusions become a problem if the fluid collection is large impeding the filling of the heart by having pressure in the pericardial space that is higher than within the heart during diastolic filling. This reduces cardiac output and can cause hypotension or tamponade.

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Small pericardial effusion 25 years last echo 5 yrs never any changes unknown etiology no affect on heart how likely tomorrow echo fluid change a lot?

Pericardial effusion. Having an unchanged effusion for 25 years, if it was going to be change why did't happen in all these years, so the possibility of drastic change is minimal. If at all happen it may be because of some other reason.

What is the worst area of the heart to have a mod-large pericardial effusion?

Pericardial effusion. There is no particular area as almost all effusions affect the heart function. However, that being said the worst would be any restriction on ventricular function.

Idiopathic mild pericardial effusion for min of 20 yrs no changed no effect on heart scared it will suddenly worsen how likely is that to happen?

Idio pericardial eff. There is not an extensive literature on idiopathic pericardial effusion followed for long term. It appears to stay stable unless a new problem arises to complicate the stable chronic effusion.

Vibration in chest & mod-large pericardial effusion. Is vibration a normal symptom or should I go to er?? It is different feeling than a heart palp

Consultation or ER. This Q & A box is not designed for diagnosing illness. It sounds like you have a complicated health history. If you feel the problem is serious go to the ER. If your not sure I suggest a CONCIERGE Consultation with a Health Tap Cardiologist online. (Not a Prime consultation)l.

Have mitral/tricuspid prolapse valves mild pericardial effusion 25 yrs etiology unknown no affect heart ldl53cholesterol 128 hdl 79 how often checkup?

6month or as needed. Since you ar doing well your lab test are normal, you may get check up done every six months or any time before if you have any problem like difficulty in breathing chest tightness or pain. You may talk to your cardiologist and do as suggested.