Nausea, vomiting, fever, "dark red" blood clots in stool, back pain, low iron. What could be wrong with me?

Go to ER. Blood clots in stool is not normal and indicates GI bleed which can be life threatening. May also have an infection that could be causing this.

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I have had bloody stools for over a month, water will be soild red. Alot of pain, big blood clots on tp and in stool also very stringy and now back pain?

Time to see your Dr. if you don't have a doctor, go to a prompt care or emergency room. you seriously need to be evaluated. this is lower GI bleeding , either from colon, anorectal area,, or distal small bowel. I'm not going to go through the differential, I'm just telling you to get seen, and soon. Good luck. Read more...

Look at my other questions if u can. But now im pooping out blood clots mixed w some stool? In pain, nausea, vomiting bile, kidney pain, burning pee

Get checked. You should be evaluated in the er or if possible urgently through your pcp, there may be two separate issues namely a gastrointestinal bleeding problem as well as a possible urinary tract or bladder infection, these should be dealt with immediately. Read more...