Does vaginal numbness from pudendal nerve damage go away?

Sometimes. Pudendal nerve damage is a complex condition that not many dr's treat. Make sure you are working with a pelvic physical therapist I would recommend the following resources: www. Pelvicpain. Org http://www. Oswego. Edu/~msheppar/isc325/spuninfo/physician. Html www. Pudendalhope. Info.

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Can a vaginal birth cause inability to orgasm? Like from pudendal nerve damage? How common would this be?

Anything is possisbl. But very uncommon, please see your gyn and you may need to be referred to help treat that.
Possibly. I would recommend evaluation of your pelvic floor including nerves, muscle strenght and reflexes. Consider following up with gynecologist, urogynecologist....

Can you fix pudendal nerve damage? I think I might have it it feels numb down their on one side but I also have a UTI and yeast infection right now

What type of symptom. Do you have from your pudendal nerve damage? At this point it's important to get through, over your UTI and yeast infection now as local inflammation from these infections are not going to give an accurate read on what else is going on.
Nerve damage. The pudendal nerves can be damaged during delivery but not in general from either a UTI or yeast infection. Trauma (car, skiing accident, falls) can cause injury to the pelvis and pudendal nerves, but there is no way to restore function completely. See your provider for your UTI/yeast infection, but true nerve damage will not be corrected.
Possibly. There are many treatment options for pudendal neuralgia. Pudendal nerve disorders can also affect urinary functioning and risk or sensation of UTI. I see you are in NJ....follow up with a gynecologist or urogynecologist. These are conditions I routinely treat Other resources: www. Pelvicpain. Org.