Related Questions

What causes mitral regurgitation?

Valve incompetence. When the valve does not close properly the blood will flow in both directions.
Many things. Regurgitation means the valve allows blood to leak backwards thru the valve. Causes can be several things. This includes degenerative changes in valve tissues, rupture of supporting chords, rheumatic fever, infections, heart attacks and many more. Your doctor with the help of a good history and physical exam and some tests like an echo can help figure out which the cause.

Can mild mitral regurgitation progress over time?

Yes. Yes, with aging, it can progress but not necessarily. Onset of coronary artery disease, degenerative annular calcification, infection and hypertension can make it worse.

Can I keep running 5k if I have mild mitral regurgitation?

You can if no sympto. It depends on the severity and degree of mitral regurgitation. If you have been running since you were diagnosed and never felt short of breath and had to stop, than you can continue to run as long as you have been cleared to run by your cardiologist in your case with mild regurgitation there is seems to be no risk as long as it was diagnosed as mild by your cardilologist if in doubt get it checked.

Can I work as a seaman if I have a mild mitral regurgitation?

Yes. Yes if it is mild, it should not prevent you from doing this.
Yes. There should be no specific work restrictions on you if mild mitral regurgitation is your only heart problem. You do not require any specific dental prophylaxis nor any other special precautions.

Is trivial to mild mitral regurgitation usually audible to a cardio with a stethoscope? Is this something that normally progresses?

Mitral regurgitation. Audible sound depends on amount of turbulence caused by a lesion. Generally trivial MR causes little or no murmur, mild MR might cause some. The minimal MR lesions usually don't progress unless endocarditis occurs but progression is not impossible.
Depends. Depends on the severity and how well trained the air is. Progression depends on the etiology. A lot of people have mild regurigitation that's physiologic. However if it is due to mitral valve prolapse that could progress.