Does nocturnal enuresis have anything to do with add?

Not really. Two different issues. A thorough evaluation is in order.
Seem mildly related. More children with nocturnal enuresis seem to have add then a bunch of non-bedwetting children of the same age. Similarly more children with add seem to have enuresis than age matched controls who do not have add.

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Does nocturnal enuresis have anything to do with being add/adhd? Please, need some answers?

Apnea childhood . If the question for a child ,children with tonsil and adenoid hyper trophy,,with snoring and possible apnea,.unfortunately some children are labeled with ADHD,Ent consultation may be needed,if snoring or mouth breathing noted. Read more...
Can be associated. Involuntary bedwetting at night (enuresis) is common condition which can become problematic in older children and adolescents. It is associated with ADD/ADHD but it is not clear that one causes the other. See or Consider Obstructive Sleep Apnoea as underlying cause. Complete BEARS screening tool and see Dr. Read more...