Help please! Is alcoholism a disease?

Yes . As i understand it, the brains of alcoholics process alcohol differently than the brains of those that are not alcoholics. Therefore, they become addicted more quickly and easily and have much more difficulty stopping drinking than others. This is only part of the explanation of alcoholism as there are psychological components, as well. Both md and addictions specialist need to treat together.
Yes. The diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders fourth addition text revision or dsm-iv tr codes both alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence as mental diseases. Twelve step programs such as alcoholics anonymous also embrace the disease model. There are many effective programs and therapies to help people recover from alcoholism.
Fascinating history. In us, the concept of alcoholism as disease can be traced to 1784 essay by philadelphia physician & signator of the us declaration of independence, benjamin rush. Rush asserted that certain individuals are biologically/genetically predisposed 2 illness of alcoholism. Though widely accepted by the us public, disease concept has/has had its critics. A popular history/critique: http://amzn.To/13gcwi1.

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Help please! Is alcoholism a disease or an addiction?

Both . Alcoholism is considered both a disease and an addiction. It causes both psychological and physical dependance, two of the strongest features of addiction. One cannot recover from alcoholsim if it's core, addiction, is not addressed. It is a disease in every sense of the word, a disease of the mind, body and soul. Read more...

Help please! Is alcoholism really an incurable disease?

Not that I think. Granted, long term use of alcohol can result in permanent damage such as liver cirrhosis, and cerebellar atrophy, but, if handled in a timely fashion, especially with working a an alcoholics anonymous setting, outcomes should be often highly successful, and control achieved. Meds are available to ease the process. Work closely with your doctor. Read more...
Incurable in sense - In the same way diabetes is not cured but can be very well managed. Alcoholics can lose the craving entirely. Working a program, continuing practical and spiritual steps of the big book, maintaining contact with a sponsor, and being involved in meetings and service. Such work enlarges a person and grows their character, lessening chances for relapse. Risk remains but life can be wonderful. Read more...