Is bleeding & light cramps normal during pregnancy?

Yes. This is a very common complaint during the first trimester, but you did not specify exactly how far along you are. Call your doctor and see if you should be seen.

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Heard abt women bleeding during pregnancy being common. Should I test if I got 2 periods since incident? Both came 10 days late but normal w/ cramps

Can do preg. test. If a woman has a regular normal period after sex, then she is not pregnant. If she cannot be certain that her bleeding was a normal period, then she could possibly be pregnant. A urine pregnancy test (available in stores everywhere) done 3 weeks after the last time she had sex will give the answer. Be sure to read the instructions and do the test correctly. Read more...

Is it normal to cramp a little bit during pregnancy (6w2d). Usually goes away when I empty my bladder or have a bowel movement. No bleeding. Hb visible?

Cramps . Many women have cramps and pregnancy. In your case it sounds like it may be related to your bowel function. Perhaps taking MiraLAX (polyethylene glycol) every day would help. Make sure you're getting prenatal care and have had a visit with the doctor to make sure you have a normal healthy pregnancy. Read more...