Do you have pain from sclerotherapy?

A little. Sclerotherapy involves using tiny needles to inject varicose or spider vein and is generally very well-tolerated with minimal discomfort. Sometimes patients develop minor phlebitis, or vein inflammation, following sclerotherapy but it is very tolerable and can be qite easily treaed with nsaid's.
Just from needlestik. Injection sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins is really not particularly painful at all. Granted we stick you with needles multiple times, but the needle is very fine, and unless one is seriously needle-phobic, it's not a big deal. The medication creates little discomfort, unless saline is used, which is very painful . As larger veins collapse, they can trap blood, and are sometimes tender.
It depends. Anyone who says that sclerotherapy never hurts isn't telling the truth. It does involved sticking you with very small needles and you feel that. The major discomfort comes from the chemical (sclerosant) that is being injected into the vein. The discomfort can range from being quite uncomfortable to being very mild. It is possible to mix in some local anesthetic, which helps a lot.
Yes a little pain. Sclerotherapy: injecting a medication into veins to close and make them go away. It is a series of tiny needle injections, the number depends on the number of veins treated. Most people rate the discomfort as minor, more of a nuisance. But a few people, especially those with fear of needles find it unpleasant. I have found relaxation & distraction are very helpful for the latter patients.
Yes you can! First, there are people who will not tolerate well even the smallest of the available needles. Some of them may need anesthetizing the skin prior to injection. Lidoderm patches are the best, secondly, dermatologist usually inject hypertonic saline. This can be quite painful to some...
Some. Sclerotherapy is the injecting of a solution into veins to dissolve them. It is a series of tiny needle injections. It has been my experience that women tolerate this much better than men and women who have delivered babies tolerate it better then women who have not. The needles that are used are very small. The experience of the injector probably has more to do with the pain than anything.