Help! Need to know if there's any cure to a chicken and bird allergy?

Bird allergy. I assume when you mention chicken and bird allergy, it means you have feather allergy and not food allergy to chicken and bird meat. There are currently no available or approved treatment for food allergy except avoiding it. For feather allergy and allergy treatment in general, it comprises of avoidance the allergens, taking allergy medications, and desensitization. A local allergist could help. .
Fowl food, feather? To feathers, or food? For allergy to bird feathers, I don't think so. Not like the strong evidence for allergy shots (immunotherapy) to pollen, dust mites and pets. Oral desensitization to foods (or patches) is in its infancy, but closer for egg, milk, and peanut; not chicken, turkey, etc. .