Could night sweats around my period be premature menopause?

Not neessary. Night sweats can occur in normal menstrual cycles. There are tests, such as follicular stimulating hormone, inhibin, anti-mullarian hormone, etc., to evaluate your hormone status, but are usually not necessay.
No. Night sweats around period is fairly common in women in forties. It is not premature menpause but does signal hormonal imbalnce. Please see your gynecologist and they can do further w/up and blood tests.

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I'm 42yrs My tubes been tied for 16yrs and my periods been pretty regular but I'm late a week could I be going through premature menopause or should I?

Single Late Period.. .. is usually nothing to worry about after having a tubal. Most likely the cause is stress, but repeated missed cycles can be due to menopause transition. Menopausal symptoms can occur at age 42 and they should be discussed with your doctor who can run the necessary blood and/or salivary testing to confirm your hormone status. So if you have noticed new symptoms as well, then see your GYN.

I have had 3 periods in 4 years and before that was not regular. I have looked up my other symptoms and it mentions premature menopause. Can you help?

Extremely unlikely menopau. Hormones or birth control pills can cause irregular periods and spotting. Anytime Periods are irregular I recommend you check pregnancy test to make sure you're not pregnant.

24 with very irregular painful and heavy periods. Hot flashes. Painful intercourse. Low sex drive. Family history: premature menopause & endometriosis

Too young. Menopause prior to age 40 is considered to be premature so you are too young for a normal menopause but there is no way to be too young for premature menopause. To know whether this is what you are experiencing you need to know what caused it in your family members and you need to be seen for a full history, exam, and appropriate testing. Hope this helps.