Could bump be an external pile or perianal hemorrhoid?

Could be. Any lump out side anal canal , it could be thrombosed hemorrhoid, if it is at tail bone side it could be sentinel hemorrhoid due to an anal fissure, or a papilloma . These are all benign conditions if you feel it is hard, could be squamous cell carcinoma, see your doctor needs urgent attention.
Yes, or .... There are a number of conditions that may cause a bump in the perianal region, including external hemorrhoids (also called piles). Could also be a sebaceous cyst, comedo (pimple), ingrown hair, genital warts- well, you know what i'm going to say next: see your doctor or a colorectal surgeon for a proper examination and plan of management.

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Been to derm 4 perianal redness /treated in past 4 mrsa-no yeast/fungus. Now red again. Can diet/sweat irritate the area? Possible hemorrhoid now : (

Return visit. You have perianal redness and swelling. This could be infection hemorrhoid or a sign of inflammatory bowel disease. You may ask your doctor for a referral to GI doctor. Read more...
Diet could. As your diet regulates the consistency of your stool and too watery or too solid a stool can irritate the perianal area. But also things like psoriasis can also cause perianal irritation. Even things like parasites(pinworms) can cause irritation and chron's disease an inflammatory condition involving the gastrointestinal tract. You may want to review this with a gastroenterologist. Good luck. Read more...