Can overcorrection from radial keratotomy be treated by lasik?

Usually. Overcorrection by lasik results in far-sightedness, requiring spex for everything! If the cornea is otherwise healthy, reduction or reversal of the over-correction is possible with lasik but can also be done by prk (no flap).
Possibly. Lasik, and prk are both methods that may be used to treat over-correction from rk. That does not mean that every rk patient can take advantage of these treatments. Have an evaluation with a lasik surgeon to see what can work for you. Depending on your age, you may also be able to take advantage of a lens-based procedure.
PRK. I do not recommend lasik after rk surgery because of an increased risk of complications. You can consider prk or surface laser though.

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Could overcorrection by radial keratotomy be treated by lasik?

LASIK and RK. I personally would not recommend lasik in patients with previous rk. A better option would be prk (surface ablation). Of course, many patents with previous rk (which was performed in the 80's and early 90s) have early cataracts - and early cataract surgery can be performed which can help significantly improve vision. Please see your own doctor to discuss options.

Was radial keratotomy the original lasik procedure?

No. Radial keratotomy (rk) was a precursor refractive surgery to lasik. In lasik, a circular flap is created and then lifted up to expose the corneal stroma. Then laser is applied and the flap replaced. In rk, radial cuts are made to create relaxing incisions to try and flatten the cornea. Late onset regression and scarring were the side effects. Current technology with lasers is better.
No. No. Although rk preceded lasik is was a surgery performed by a blade and not by a laser. It was not as precise and long term stability of prescription was poor.

Could you have lasik done if you have had radial keratotomy before?

LASIK vs PRK. Most surgeons recommend against lasik in patients who have had radial keratotomy (rk). An alternative procedure - prk - which is laser on the surface of the cornea, is an option, and can achieve improvement in vision. Please discuss with your own doctor.

Is it okay to get lasik surgery done if you previously have had radial keratotomy?

Rarely. I generally perform prk with Mitomycin c for vision correction in stable radial keratotomy patients. If the prescription is unstable, the patient may need to be stabilized with collagen crosslinking prior to prk. In rare cases, lasik can be considered although there is higher risk of flap complications.
No, PRK may be OK. Lasik is not generally a great idea after previous radial keratotomy as there is a fear that the rk incisions can come apart with the creation of a lasik flap. If all else is normal and the refraction is stable, great success can be achieved with prk, as the creation of a flap is not needed.
Possibly. I have had excellent results performing lasik after rk. There is definitely a concern regarding the rk incisions, but I have never seen a major issue with this.

Can overcorrection by radial keratotomy be treated?

Yes. The common way is to use glasses or contact lenses. Laser vision correction can also work. See your ophthalmologist to discuss the various options with you.

Can I perform my own radial keratotomy?

Yikes. You could numb your eye with medication so you could do this painlessly. But you have no ability to control the cutting instrument on yourself. The likelihood is that you would slice open your eye and need emergency surgery. Do not do this at home. Anyway, lasik has totally replaced radial keratotomy as a more predictable and safer therapy.

Is there any pain involved in a radial keratotomy?

Mild discomfort. Radial keratotomy is an older form of vision correction surgery that is rarely performed today. It involves making tiny incisions into the cornea in order to change its shape. While the procedure itself is painless, it is not uncommon for people to feel a "scratchy" sensation for a day or so after the procedure. Artificial tears can decrease the discomfort. Speak to a doctor about lasik/prk.

Where is a radial keratotomy usually done? At a hospital?

In the office. Rk is an old treatment for nearsightedness (myopia) that is rarely performed today. It has been replaced by lasik and prk, both of which are more precise and safer. All three procedures are normally performed in an office setting, and take only a few minutes to perform.

Looking for a specialist in cateract removal on post radial keratotomy pt?

See below. I have done a number of cataract surgeries on post-refractive surgery patients. The surgery itself is no more complicated but visual outcomes are far more variable. It is quite possible that if your goal is to have better uncorrected vision, an additional procedure may be necessary after cataract removal. Cat.
Cornea specialist. For cataract extraction after radial keratomtomy, I would recommend seeing a corneal specialist. There are many issues to consider at the time of surgery and you want someone who can handle anything that mag arise.