I was wondering is colitis just a stomach ache or something more?

More than an ache. More than a stomach ache colitis - either ulcerative colitis or crohn's colitis are diseases of the colon of unknown origin. The associated inflammation causes ulcers in the colon which can bleed, cause diarrhea and pain. Long standing disease is associated with cancer of the colon. A physician specializing in the diseases can help. Medicines do work, but surgery can be needed. Peter wilk, md.

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Back pain stomach ache n feels like going loose motion but goes after sometime. I went to doctor and he told that im having colitis is it realy colitis?

Colitis. Your symptoms could be consistent with colitis. But what type? That's the question. Infectious? Inflammatory? Autoimmune? Testing should be performed to reveal (1) if this is colitis, and if so (2) what type of colitis. Or if it even is colitis. . Read more...