Can anyone tell me what they know about "sentinel lymph node mapping"?

Lymphoscintigraphy. Usually lymphoscintigraphy is performed to identify sentinel lymph nodes. Most commonly lymphoscintigraphy is used for breast cancer or melanoma. Usually technetium sulfur colloid is injected in the skin surface and often imaging then performed. Once the sentinel node is identified, it can be examined for the presence of cancer. If the sentinel node is positive --> lymph node dissection.
Staging and prognosi. Sentinel lymph node biopsy is a way to help stage a cancer like melanoma and helps to determine prognosis and helps guide treatment options. It is a way to tell if a cancer has spread into nearby lymph nodes.

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Which cancers need sentinel lymph node mapping?

A couple. The majority of cancers for which sentinel nodes are taken routinely are breast cancer and melanoma, but sentinel nodes are occasionally taken for other cancers. Read more...
Inv.Br Ca or mastect. Sentinel node mapping/biopsy in breast cancer is staging procedure. Any invasive ca has the potential to spread outside the breast (metastatis). Axillary nodes are most common site where spreading cancer cells can be identified. The sentinel node mapping identifies the most important node(s) in the axilla for eval. It's also done for dcis undergoing mastectectomy in case invasion on final path. Read more...