Can a spermatocele be a cause of infertility?

No. Spermatoceles are not a cause of infertility unless it was so large it pushed the testis up into the groin and that is really rare. More commonly, varicoceles or dilated veins in the scrotum are associated with infertility because they increase the temperature around the testis which decreases sperm production.
Generally no. The underlying cause for a spermatocele may e.G vasectomy. In case of vasectomy, sperm can be harvested from a spermatocele and used for ivf.

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Can spermatocele cause you to be infertile?

Yes it is possible. Depending on the cause of the spermatocoele, fertility might be compromised. Most likely there will still be sperm present unless other anatomic abnormalities are present. Spermatocoele is not a common abnormality and further evaluation and semen analysis can characterize the possibilities of infertility. Read more...