Can a severe infection cause hair loss?

Yes. Hair "turns over" (sheds and regrows) faster than anything else in the body; so anything, especially a severe infection, can cause that turnover to accelerate. It's called a "telogen effluvium", and your hair will regrow once the infection is treated successfully. But it will take awhile, usually weeks to months.

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Any relation between bacteremia and hair loss? Can this type if infection cause hair loss?

None. Anyone who tells you that bacteria in your blood are making your hair fall out is misinformed or worse. Every one of us gets a few bacteria in our blood when we bush our teeth or pass stool. . Read more...

Had major infection, treated w/ meds, ok now. IF this was cause of my recent hair loss- how long for it to stop falling and regrow now that im ok?

Varies. cannot say in your particular case, but generally, once the illness is over the hair comes back. Judging by me minoxidil, it is about the rate of beard growth... definite stubble in a week. Read more...