Involuntary, rapid eye movements. Are these concussion related?

Yes they can be. Un equal input from the balance organs in the inner ears can produce nystagmus (eye movements) with occiopsia (what ones sees with these eye movements ) and vertigo (the sensation of being pulled or turned in a direction) . The problem can be withe inner ear itself or the connections to the brain (8th craniel nerve) or damaged structures within the brain. Medications can also cause this problem.

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Does involuntary, rapid eye movements mean it's possibly concussion related?

Most concussion is. related to trauma or trauma history. If you've had no trauma, and rapid eye movement, it depends if it's causing you to not see or read clearly. Have your PCP check first, and then recommend seeing an eye doctor to see what is going on. Usually rapid eye movement is not related to trauma is the bottom line. Read more...

I'm getting involuntary, rapid eye movements. Could this be concussion related?

Yes. Meds, trauma to the vestibular chochlear nerve or the semicircular canals can do this. It does not mean that the brain itself is injured. The latter is a possibility though. Read more...