Can a cystocele and rectocele repair help tighten up vagina?

Yes. If you explain that is part of your goal, usually the gyn will avoid this though so as not to cause problems with painful intercourse. Instead they will build up the support at the opening which in effect narrows the opening, making things more snug. See a gyn with a lot of reconstructive experience though like a urogynecologist.

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Please tell me, could a cystocele and rectocele repair help tighten vagina?

Yes. Cystocele and rectoceles are essentially hernias in the wall of the vagina. All of the repairs currently recommended with strengthen and tighten the vagina. Read more...

I Have a grade 3 rectocele & cystocele, I'm scared I'm going to lose sexual sensation when they cut away my vagina. How likely is that?

Depends on surgeon. It depends upon the surgeon and what procedure is being used to treat the problems. The anterior(front) vaginal wall close to the cervix has an abundance of nerves and vessels responsible for sexual sensation that most surgeons avoid like "the plague"" because they bleed like crazy and leave the patient unhappy with her post surgery sexual responses. Talk to your surgeon about this issue pre-op. Read more...