Is it safe to continue intercourse after the day of ovulation for getting pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to have intercourse after ovulation, before ovulation, or even after you become pregnant. Does not matter.

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Had intercourse on ovulation night on the 7th can't get the morning after pill until the 11th what are my chances of not getting pregnant?

~85% chance it works. Some thoughts... Consider taking a morning-after pill as soon as possible, because the sooner the better. If no normal regular period comes in a couple of weeks, one can consider checking a urine pregnancy test. If having sex and not on a birth control pill or other reliable method, then a woman should always carry condoms wherever she goes (that means keeping them in her purse, pocket, etc...). Read more...

Got positive ovulation test did intercourse 3 continuous times in 3 days and still not getting pregnant?

Fertility. One does not often get pregnant with sex after ovulation. The most effective times to get pregnant are in the five days prior to your ovulation event. Read more...